July 2019 Update

One of the high points of summer is always our 8 day long church camp. Amazingly, this was my 5th camp!  Our guests this year were good friends, Pastor Wayne and Sherry Sanders from Chardon, OH and Paul Richards from Melbourne, Australia.  Every camp is special and God never fails to bring us the exact ministry, prophetic words and teachings we need! We love these ministers who partner with us for destiny! Click on the following link for our church Face Book page for photos, videos of the messages and interviews from camp attendees.   Here is the link:ścijańskie%20centrum%20„pan%20jest%20sztandarem”&epa=SEARCH_BO

I also celebrated my 72nd birthday during the camp and was so blessed with very beautiful gifts,  warm wishes and fireworks!!!

The turning of a page....

Don't you just love opening a brand new beautiful and colorful notebook, grabbing your favorite pen and deciding what to write on that clean, white page? Or do you hesitate, wondering what if you mess the page up, or your ink runs out or you misspell something or you spill coffee on it???  Sometimes that first word, on the first page is the hardest.  BUT go for it!!! Jump right in! It's a brand new day, a brand new month and time's a wasting!!!

I woke up this morning after a great night's sleep, ( which is somewhat rare)
Remembered a dream I had (sometimes happens) which I
Spoke a sentence in Polish and it seemed correct (and short :-) (an absolute first!)

I realized then it was August first and I could turn the page on my calendar!!

and in that small act of turning a page, I sensed a shift, a much bigger SHIFT. Suddenly, anything was possible, everything was possible!!! Everything was new,  new mercies, new grace, new favor, a new start, new creative ideas, new …

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven! Ecc 3.1

Have you ever misjudged a season? Or felt you missed out in the timing of a dream? I love how God is in the restoration business and I am beginning to think that even as His promise is true in "His Word will not return void" so His creative ideas once sown in us, once having taken deep root will eventually come to fruit....or in this case print!!!

This story began in the mid 90's when a revival/refreshing was sweeping the churches of Scotland. Oh, what great times of worship and Word and manifestations of the Lord's presence in unique ways. So many stories! But for now, I will tell of a car trip from Scotland to England to go to a prophetic conference.  We were really enjoying the ride, when we saw an unusually large, very official road side sign that said CONE HOT LINE and gave a toll-free telephone number to call! We thought that was very funny! Like why would you call....because the cones were indecent or out of order???  And who would answer the call? A CONEselo…

Lots of new things in my life

I have received a number of very encouraging prophetic Words recently. Most have included my youth being renewed like an eagle's (Isa 40: 30,31) and also saying this was a new season with fresh dreams being fulfilled. Also, that God is stirring up my gifts and graces and bringing them forth in a new way and He has given be a Sarah anointing which will cause me and others to laugh at what the Lord is saying and asking of me!

I continue to be very happy here in Poland and can really sense God's blessing and encouragement.  There is a scripture in Psalms that captures this exactly:

Psalm 92.12-14

The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree,
He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
Those who are planted in the house of the Lord
Shall flourish in the courts of our God.
They shall still bear fruit in old age;
They shall be fresh and flourishing,
To declare that the Lord is upright;
He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

Some of the new things in my life:

A new roommate!!!

2017 - A year full of special anniversaries!

March 24, 1992

My son, Michael drops me off at JFK to start a new chapter of my life as a missionary in Europe. So grateful that his "girlfriend" (and wife since 1993) Raylene caught the moment!
March 24, 2017 - 25th Anniversary of full-time missions in Europe. 
1992-1997 Scotland 1997-2015 Hungary 2015 - present Poland
God has been faithful, ever Present and Purposeful in every assignment, at every location and His plans for me are still fresh and ongoing. All Glory to His Name.

June 8, 1978 - 39th Anniversary of my new birth in Christ. Born again! All sins forgiven, All things new!

July 11, 2017 - I turn 70 years old/young :-)
You could help me celebrate by mailing a card, sending an email or a message on Facebook.  Be sure to add a favorite memory of me and you.
My address in Poland: Mary Jill Callery                                      ul Rejtana 1/3A                                       Tarnow, Poland

My trip to Ukraine June 23-26, 2016

My dear missionary friend, Tammy Swailes and her Pastor Lena invited me to the 20th Anniversary of their Church in Zhitomer, Ukraine. I flew from Rzeszow to Kiev and had a wonderful time!!! It was especially fun to see how how the young ones in the family have grown and to meet the new dog who has captured everyone's heart! It was a testimony of God's faithfulness to hear the history of the church and to come together for a celebration complete with wonderful food. We were so blessed!!!

And two of the most important things to happen this year.....

#1 - On March 14, at the immigration office in Krakow, I applied for my residency. Despite having applied on an outdated form, and even with needing another letter from the church, we completed the visit in 45 minutes. They said the decision would be made within 2 months. On May 12, I received news they had granted me a 3 year residency permit but the card would need to be picked up when ready. 2 days before we had to take Mikhaila and Veronica back to the airport, we received the call to come in at any time so we planned it for the morning of the girls flight on June 16.  Here is a glimpse of the card and a photo from our celebratory lunch at Market Square in Krakow. A must see area for tourists. So blessed and grateful to God and the Church here in Tarnow and my wonderful Pastor Jan (Basia) Skarbek and our assistant Pastor Michael Wielgus, admin extraordinary!!

And #2 - in important June news from New York, Austin James Ackerbauer, graduated as Valedictorian of his class with the h…

June 2016 - Paintball and BBQ's

Mikhaila returned from Ukraine and the youth planned a paint ball competition for her & Veronica,
And of course, since the weather has been so nice we've had a number of wonderful BBQ's!


                                                                  Paint Ball